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Transform any room into something straight from a fairytale with uplighting services from WDN Photo Booth & Disco in Northumberland, . Our mood lights are tailored to you and your events, and we’re delighted to create colourscapes, match your themes, or start the party with stunning visuals. If you’re interested in our range of services, do get in touch!

What Is Uplighting?

Uplighting, also known as mood lighting, is the strategic placing of coloured lighting around a room, building, or area. We use it to create stunning visual effects and to add value to existing features.

Our Equipment

We use battery- and mains-powered uplighters to create stunning colours around your venue. With full colour mixing, we can match your wedding colour scheme with strips of colour and highlighted features.

From pink and blue to crazy multi-colour explosions of light, we can create whatever you want with full colour mixing and adjustable angle lighting.

Can I Uplight Anything?

There are loads of things you can add extra lighting to and create a stunning feature from, including mirrors, fireplaces, walls, and even trees, depending on the weather. Some walls are very easy to light. A straight white wall without a border or dado rail will light much easier than a pink wall with pictures and rails, but many issues can be overcome on site with a little magic being worked by our staff. If you have any questions, just ask!

Why Choose Uplighting?

Sometimes, the simplest uplighting colour scheme can be the most effective. Stone walls with pale or white lighting can give stunning effects and really add a touch of class to your event.

In Need of Illumination?

For quality mood lighting and uplighting services, choose our experts.

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