Karaoke at The Discovery Middlesbrough

Karaoke Disco & Wedding Karaoke

Why not add some Karaoke fun to your event, party or wedding?

Nothing says party like Great Aunt Brenda blasting out some Vera Lynne after a few too many sherries.  Its all good harmless fun and can really add some great memories to your party or event.  Our entertainment teams can add Karaoke to your party, wedding or gathering, or even run a stand alone Karaoke as the main feature.  With Microphones, TV screen for the words and a massive Karaoke music collection, why not inquire today and take your party to the next level with some live (and sometimes questionable) entertainment from your friends, family and colleges. 

Our team of DJs are all confident Karaoke hosts and while not all will sing on the night (yes, that is a good thing with some of them) they will make sure your guests have an amazing time getting the audience involved and hyping up the singers throughout the night.

Karaoke can be added onto any of our DJ packages from as little as £60 so why not enquire today about pushing your wedding, birthday party or office gathering to the next level.

Take a look at our website by clicking here or drop us an email by clicking here.  Alternately you can give us a call on 07776210696


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