WDN Launch Marryoke across the North East

WDN Launch Marryoke across the North East

Create a stunning music video featuring your guests at their best with our Marryoke teams across the North East


Pronounced ‘Marry-oh-kee’

WDN are thrilled to bring you a new, fresh and exciting opportunity for your wedding, event or party. Helping to create a unique, entertaining memory to treasure forever.

With a song from our reccomended catalogue, or a choice of your own, our friendly staff will help you and your guests to mime a line or two from the song, to our camera. As people warm up, the fun really begins!

A few days later, after we have worked our editing magic, you will have a unique, personalised music video delivered straight to your inbox! Watch with your family, share on social media and treasure for years to come.

Here are a few FAQ about Marryoke........

What song shall I choose?

The greatest Marryoke videos are created when the majority of your party are involved and enjoying the experience. This usually comes from upbeat, fun, well known songs which mean your guests are more inclined to be involved in creating a fun music video!However the final choice is yours, and we are happy to create any music video you desire for your special occasion.

Do I have to be able to sing in tune?

No! Thank goodness I hear you cry (or sing!) All we need you to do is mine along to the chosen song. Your voice won’t feature on the video at all, so don’t worry

Who shall I tell? 

Your bridal party, so they can be prepared to feature in the video. If your chosen song is well known it can be a fun surprise for the evening! However if your song is relatively unknown, it could be worth giving your guests the heads up so they have a chance to listen to the song before the evening.
What if people don’t know the song?

Do not fear! We come prepared with words and music.
What do we need to do on the night?

Nothing! We will arrive at our discussed arrival time, and get to work directing guests to create your unique music video. When will I receive my final music video? Our editing teams work fast but these things need to look perfect. We want to make your final music video look as fun and interesting as possible, so bear with us while we create your masterpiece! Enjoy your video when it arrives. Share your finished music video with friends and family, and all over social media. You are, after all, a music video rock star!

Don’t forget to use ourhashtag #WDNmarryoke


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