WDN Photo Booth & Disco PAT Sticker

PAT time at WDN Photo Booth & Disco HQ

Once a year we make sure all our kit passes its electrical inspection and is nice and safe for each event.

This year we made a date with Mark Reed, our local, friendly and skilled PAT specialist and set off on the journey of "Pass and Fail"

We have added many new bits of kit to our collection over the year which all get tested when we acquire them, but we always find it best to have a PAT date and have everything tested at the same time.  This makes keeping track of everything easier, and of course keeps our certificates nice and easy to read for the clients and venues.  Nothing worse than finding one bit of kit is out of test during a gig.

About 2 hours of plugging in, testing, labeling and drinking coffee is needed to get the job done and afterwards a celebratory extra cup of coffee and a wagon wheel before loading up and heading out to that nights gig.

A successful afternoon and a very happy me, knowing all the kit has once again passed and we are electrically safe for another year.


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