marryoke party

Marryoke - Halloween Special

Halloween Marryoke Party proves to be a hit.

The decorations were up, the food was ready, guests were arriving and then the fun began! The girls took to the camera like pros. Even those who, at first, were a little camera shy, found they were bopping along to the music, laughing and having fun with all the bouncy props we supply.

This time our marryoke team were out for a spooktacular Halloween video featuring the theme tune from the Adams Family.

As usual, the camera rigs come complete with a video screen so you can read the words as you sing along with the chosen song and act out the dance moves.

Our Marryoke team are there to make sure things run smoothly and to ensure all the important lines of the song get sung for the edit.

Once the shooting is completed, the video is passed to our editing team who work tirelessly creating a stunning marryoke video of your event.

What a great night - we can't wait until next year! 

Thank you for a great fun night girls! 


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